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Dilma Done, Replaced by a Convict. And This Is Brazil!

Post on May 12, 2016, 9:51 am by the-victoria-law-group 0 Comments

So, there are lots of people dancing in the streets in Brazil today. The Real has already reacted, people believe that by ousting Dilma, Brazil is finally going to be “okay”. Not so fast, my friends. Dilma’s ouster isn’t going to cure Zika. Dilma’s ouster isn’t going to clean up Rio Bay in time for the Olympics. Dilma’s ouster isn’t going to make the Petrobras scandal go away. Dilma’s ouster isn’t going to reduce crime in Brazil. And to address Brazil’s biggest, systemic problem — corruption — Dilma’s ouster is not likely to change a thing, not one damn thing. So, today, I’m happy for the Brazilians who think this is their time to celebrate. I choose not to celebrate. I choose to continue to regard Brazil as the country of tomorrow, and it always will be.

Read the New York Times article by Andrew Jacobs and Simon Romero Miami here:

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